Your work captures emotion, not a picture

I write to you in hopes that you will consider the impact and importance of Raymond Duval’s work.  I will do my best to keep this letter short even though I could write a book about the images Mr. Duval has captured.  Mr. Duval has captured images for me personally but I have followed his work for about 3 years.  I first found out about Mr. Duval’s talent when I saw his works displayed in a photo album displayed by a friend.  The images stopped me in my tracks as each picture told a story of love, power, grace and all that we seek in this dark world.


I contacted Mr. Duval shortly after because his artistic style is what I wanted to display for my business. He told the story in images that I wanted to tell for my business.  During the photo shoot, he captured an image of my horse and I that still stops me in my tracks and fills me with so much emotion.  I’ve attached the image as the hug.  What most don’t realize about this image is that my life was in turmoil at this point, I had recently lost my best friend, lost my job, decided to start my own business and had to move my son (horse) to a new facility.  During the photo shoot, my horse and I shared a moment that was so precious to me.  He placed his head in my chest on that cold winter day and for a moment, all was right!  My stress was gone and I could just melt into the love and partnership we shared.  For a moment, I could handle everything this world was throwing at me!  The photo is raw, it’s real and is so full of meaning.

I can assure you that Mr. Duval’s artwork touches the lives of all who view them for not only their beauty and artistic talent but also what these images mean.   As in the art of music, each person will take away something different from a musical piece.  Mr. Duval’s artwork does the same.  He has a gift of capturing the raw emotion in an image that everyone can feel.  We may not know the story but we will see one of his images and feel the pain or the joy or the triumph or the heartbreak.

I have attached a few other photos in which I do not know the back story but would like to tell you what I see/feel.  These images all tell a different story.  I see/feel the passion in the woman’s face, I understand the look of deep thought on the face of the gentleman sitting in a corner.  And the years of hard work and dedication on the face of the conductor.  The seriousness and passion in which he puts into his job.  Each image causes me to reflect on their story and want to learn their story.  What is it that they are going through, what path have they walked?

In summary, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts and I would encourage you to delve further into considering Mr. Duval’s cause and its meaning.  I feel Mr. Duval and his works are a light in this world and he tells the stories most will not but it’s a story this world must hear so it can heal.  His work speaks of love, compassion, hardships and overcoming some of the greatest odds one will ever face.