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All lives matter

This image is of a county commissioner that attends every rally that deals with addiction and recovery in his town.  He sheds a tear because he not only feels the pain of those affected, but he lives the pain with them.  He is there to celebrate the recovery with them and he is there to morn their deaths.  In his town, all lives matter.  There is no division between classes and there is only a unified commitment to help those that are in need


Addiction Recovery

Time away from the storm

I have been told by many that live in the inner city that the world they live in is vastly different than the world that we live in.  There is no silence and comfort and there is a 24/7 noise level of violence that doesn’t allow silence to intrude.  The fight to get out of that environment is always attacked with the thought that they will never leave that world and get to a better place.  The most important thing that an equine encounter brings to the table is that they get to leave the environment if even for hours and totally get away from it.  They get to feel unconditional love, self acceptance, trust and accomplishment and they are able to melt into the moment and relax without fear.


Equine Therapy and Inner City Kids

See the beauty in life

There is nothing more beautiful, more calming, more stunning then a morning sunrise.  The sunrise allows us to reflect, it nurtures our soul and it allows us to meet the day head on with commitment and purpose.  A sunrise is a reminder that there is beauty in everything and everyone and all things on this earth have a purpose that is directed by God. The sunrise……. unique, one of a kind, non-repeatable and amazing.

My life story in ink

Every tattoo speaks of a story.  The unspoken words define a world that used to exist, was cast into chaos by a drug addiction and ended with a cleansing that took it all away.  This unspoken story reminds me of the losses and since I have found God, the things I lost are now slowly being returned in my new life, post addiction.


Drug Addiction And Recovery

I remember

“I Remember”…….the image depicts the frailty of age and the softness and caring of an equine friend in that moment. That moment where memories come back, if only for a brief period of time, that moment where the purity of emotion is not tainted by the outside world and that moment where the connection between human and horse is considered nothing less than a miracle sent from God. The connection that is formed is one that is so powerful, so focused and so healing, all at the same time, destined to fade back into obscurity as the two separate and dream about the next visit with each other.

This image was taken when dementia was advancing at a very rapid pace.  For about 20 minutes he was able to connect with his daughter and converse with her about the times they had with this horse and the horse allowed the connection to happen.  After 20 minutes, he was tired and his concentration and ability to converse, faded away.


Equine Therapy Dimentia