Heroin took it all away

Pastor Julia is an amazing women.  Having been clean and sober for 25 years, she remembers that heroin took away everything that she had in her life.  From family and friends to every earthly possession that she had, they all were all lost, when her addiction was at its strongest.  Left with nothing at all, she lived on the streets and did what she could to score the next fix until one day, she found God.  From that point on, her life started to turn around.  She became clean and sober through rehabilitation, went on to earn a masters degree in social sciences and now works with a county agency to help those that are struggling.  She became an ordained minister and heads back to the streets every Friday evening with her tools in hand to help get the affected


Fight against heroin

off of the streets and on the road to recovery and a second chance in life.  With a van loaded with cheeseburgers and bibles, she takes to the very streets she lived on and preaches the word of God and his plan for survival.  In 2000, she almost died from a brain tumor, but God again, spared her and she continues to do his plan to date.  Truly an amazing women.

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