I will see you in heaven

I knew the news would not be good when I saw the look in your eyes as you approached.  You didn’t say anything, but you said everything when you wrapped your arms around me and started to cry tears of pain.

I knew that your time was drawing near and that our goodbyes would be forth coming.  As you looked into my eyes, I let you see your soul, a beautiful soul that was filled with love and tenderness.

You wanted to ask the question why, but I could only answer with unconditional love that would help to take the pain away.  Pain from the disease, pain from the uncertainty and the pain that came from an approaching finality of life.

I will always look for you when I am in the pasture, but I will look to heaven and find you in the stars for you approach no more by way of the farm driveway.


Heaven has another angel

You stood still, you calmed my fears and you gave me the strength to say goodbye as I faded from the pain and the disease that consumed me and I took flight for eternal life.

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