I remember

“I Remember”…….the image depicts the frailty of age and the softness and caring of an equine friend in that moment. That moment where memories come back, if only for a brief period of time, that moment where the purity of emotion is not tainted by the outside world and that moment where the connection between human and horse is considered nothing less than a miracle sent from God. The connection that is formed is one that is so powerful, so focused and so healing, all at the same time, destined to fade back into obscurity as the two separate and dream about the next visit with each other.

This image was taken when dementia was advancing at a very rapid pace.  For about 20 minutes he was able to connect with his daughter and converse with her about the times they had with this horse and the horse allowed the connection to happen.  After 20 minutes, he was tired and his concentration and ability to converse, faded away.


Equine Therapy Dimentia

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