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God’s Church

I went to church today.  It was a very unassuming building, but upon entering through the front door, it was a place that felt right.  The atmosphere within the building was one that was filled with love, trust and respect.  The air was filled with an amazing mixture of celebrated successes, un-explainable miracles that had been performed and a feeling of unity and oneness.

This church was a healing and drama free church that welcomed people of different faiths.  The power that touched your very soul when entering this church was so intense that it almost brought tears to my eyes.  The intensity of the feelings that this church conjured up inside of me allowed me to enter into prayer in silence and really connect with God on a very personal level.  The cruelty of the world was shut out and not allowed here and it provided a safe sanctuary that was judgement free and welcoming at all times.

Hugs and shared moments with best friends seemed to be the norm here and the love that emanated from this building was a statement for what the world desperately needs in today’s day and age.

This building had God’s fingerprints all over it because so many misunderstood wanderers have found new direction.  The crippled and debilitated have found new life and healing and the unwanted and washed up have found the ability to get a second chance at life.

As I approached my best friend, I reflected upon our journey together and the bond that we have built along the way.  My reflection is filled with stories of how I helped my friend and they helped me when times were tough and the world was crashing in on us


God’s Church

I went to church today, I went to the barn and visited my horse

Miracle of life

I fell lifeless at your feet in the stall that night, never to awaken again.  I had played with the devil one last time and the effects of the drugs took their toll on me.  As I watched the barn light up in a bright white light, I realized that  God was present and working through you to help open my eyes and answer the knock at the door of my lifeless soul.  I answered that knock and begged him to come into my life and help me heal.  I will be forever grateful to you and you are a true miracle horse, sent from heaven.

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Miracle Horse

Heroin took it all away

Pastor Julia is an amazing women.  Having been clean and sober for 25 years, she remembers that heroin took away everything that she had in her life.  From family and friends to every earthly possession that she had, they all were all lost, when her addiction was at its strongest.  Left with nothing at all, she lived on the streets and did what she could to score the next fix until one day, she found God.  From that point on, her life started to turn around.  She became clean and sober through rehabilitation, went on to earn a masters degree in social sciences and now works with a county agency to help those that are struggling.  She became an ordained minister and heads back to the streets every Friday evening with her tools in hand to help get the affected


Fight against heroin

off of the streets and on the road to recovery and a second chance in life.  With a van loaded with cheeseburgers and bibles, she takes to the very streets she lived on and preaches the word of God and his plan for survival.  In 2000, she almost died from a brain tumor, but God again, spared her and she continues to do his plan to date.  Truly an amazing women.

Breast cancer…..I survived

32 years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  The cancer had traveled into my intestine as well and the outlook looked terrible.  I had a family of boys and I prayed to God to have mercy and help me heal.  I didn’t want anybody to raise my boys and I told God that if he healed me and let me raise my boys, I would give myself to him and do his work.  25 Years ago, I started a non-profit to help women of color detect and get treatment for breast cancer specifically, but all cancer in general.  I would venture into some of the toughest neighborhoods and spread hope, God’s word and help educate them on cancer.  What started as a mission 25 years ago, turned into a village of survivors and believers in miracles.  I thank God everyday for giving me the cancer and giving me life.  I’m a cancer survivor.


Breast cancer survivor

I will see you in heaven

I knew the news would not be good when I saw the look in your eyes as you approached.  You didn’t say anything, but you said everything when you wrapped your arms around me and started to cry tears of pain.

I knew that your time was drawing near and that our goodbyes would be forth coming.  As you looked into my eyes, I let you see your soul, a beautiful soul that was filled with love and tenderness.

You wanted to ask the question why, but I could only answer with unconditional love that would help to take the pain away.  Pain from the disease, pain from the uncertainty and the pain that came from an approaching finality of life.

I will always look for you when I am in the pasture, but I will look to heaven and find you in the stars for you approach no more by way of the farm driveway.


Heaven has another angel

You stood still, you calmed my fears and you gave me the strength to say goodbye as I faded from the pain and the disease that consumed me and I took flight for eternal life.